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Cаt Livеs in Hoрe of Seеing His Fоrmer Humаn Whеn the Elevаtor Doоrs Opеn

In this sweet, but also sad story, we meet a ginger kitty that’s hanging around an apartment block.

He seems to know his way around and whenever one of the residents is entering the elevator he follows them in, gets out on their floor and invites himself into their home with no hesitation or reservation.

Of course they don’t all let him in but the ones that do treat him with kindness and often give him scraps of food.

But these apartments are not his home so when the time comes he is shown the door. This doesn’t seem to phase the cat at all and he waits for the next person to arrive so he can once again catch a lift on the elevator.

One of the residents believes that he used to live there which is why he’s always hanging round and riding the elevator, looking for his former owner and home.

Even when night falls he’s still hangs around in front of the entrance.

But sadly not everyone is kind to him and while hanging about on the street he receives abuse as some of the locals try to scare him away. He must of been so scared and alarmed to be treated in this way but he still returns to the same spot and waits for the doors to be opened once more.

A vet is called upon to take a look at the ginger kitty and he agrees with the resident that this must have been his former home and must of often traveled in the elevator with his owner.

It’s as if he’s clinging on to a small piece of hope that one day his owner will return and claim him. Let us hope that kindness will prevail and somebody will accept him into their family and give him the life he deserves.

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  1. Seriously no one’s taken this cat in? Wtf . You have to be heartless to see this cat everyday and not try finding him a home or a place to live.

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