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Kittеn Criеs Fоr Helр Aftеr His Mоm Wаs Bittеn By Dоg

When some people heard a tiny kitten crying near their house, they called Animal Lovers for help. After receiving the call, some rescuers immediately came to save the kitten. When they arrived, they were shocked to see what happened to him. He cried for his mom who was bitten by a dog. Sadly, the mom couldn’t survive and left the poor baby alone.


Everyone thought that the mama cat tried to protect her baby and lost the battle. The baby was scared and just knew to hide under old tires. He cried for help after witnessing his mom fighting with the huge dog. He lost his mom, so he was in need of help. One of the rescuers dismantled the tires carefully to catch him. He tried to do quietly to avoid frightening the kitten.


After removing all the tires, he tried to calm the kitten down and gave him food to fill his empty belly up. When the kitten felt comfortable, the man caught him and took him home. He cared for the kitten until he fell asleep, and then went to bury the mom. Rest in peace the mama cat.

Watch the full rescue here:

Thank you so much for saving him, taking care of him, and burying his mom. We hope that the cat mother is now in heaven and the kitten will get happiness in life.

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