Siblings Young Stray Кittens Likes Тo Sleep In Еach Оther’s Рaws

Cats of San Bernardino’s Jaina and Ivy just rescued two stray kittens called Medi and Cal. The two kittens were discovered after being tagged in a Facebook post by the rescuers.

The siblings were hungry, ill, and emaciated when they met them for the first time. They were able to handtrap Medi, a grey cat, since she popped her head out.

Sadly, Cal, the orange one, was so startled that he bolted. As a result, they had to return the next day to find her brother and, hopefully, catch him.

They returned the next day and successfully captured him! The brothers and sisters have been reunited. They’re still a bit hesitant, but they’re doing great. They were cared for by a cat foster as soon as they began to settle down.

Watch their video here:

We are relieved to learn that they are doing well in their new location. They also warmed up to the foster! They are really devoted to one another. They like doing everything together and falling asleep in one other’s arms.


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