In Тhis Нilarious Video, Jay Leno Рroves Тhat Сats Are Indeed Smarter Тhan Dogs!

With a video he created, Jay Leno proves that cats are smarter than dogs. I believe he’s a fantastic individual. To begin with, he adores cats. That automatically qualifies you as a terrific man. And, because to his prior television work and his persona, he has a high social position and status.

In his YouTube videos on his ‘garage’ (auto museum) and his love for vehicles, he has a genuinely charming personality. Yes, he adores cats and automobiles. That’s got a lovely symmetry to it.

He owns a large collection of extremely pricey automobiles, which he can afford because to his vast wealth. I’m not sure how much he’s worth, but it has to be in the hundreds of millions. His automobile collection must be worth hundreds of millions of dollars as well.

And, as I recall, he lives in California, which has a beautiful climate (but for global warming heating it up too much sometimes). It allows him to drive his extremely valuable and rare automobiles all year. In that aspect, he is fortunate.

Watch the adorable video here:


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