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Тhree-Legged Кitten Won Тhe Нeart Оf Тhe Vet Who Нelped Сhange Нis Life

When a lovely 2-week-old Burmese kitten was found stuck in a box spring in an apartment in Manhattan, New York, he was saved from a bad position. The small cat had lost one of its legs and was sent to the Veterinary Emergency Group for rapid medical treatment.

Etienne, a cat, need 24-hour critical care. So Camille Duvieusart BVMS, the clinic’s ER doctor, decided to admit him so the kitten could receive the finest care possible while everything for his operation was arranged. The fluffy white kitten was strong and determined to live.

“He was sent to the Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), who contacted us for assistance, which we gladly provided.”

His new foster mother took care of everything the kitten need, and the neighborhood dog came over to lend a hand and provide companionship. Despite his small stature and early age, the danger of infection was quite high, necessitating surgery as soon as feasible.

The following items may be found in the rescue center:

“The Animal Medical Center’s surgeons decided that waiting was too hazardous, so they operated on him when he was very small. The operation went well.”

After the surgical operations, Etienne began to feel better and surmounted each of the challenges. And he was finally allowed to return home to Dr. Camille, where he was slowly but steadily earning her heart.

The kitty remained relaxed and peaceful. He even got to spend the day with his new canine best friend, who never left him alone and went out of her way to make him feel secure.

Dr. Camille had a feeling from the start that Etienne had already found his ultimate home. She tended to his wounds and lavished him with love and cuddles, and the cat grew into a hyperactive young boy in no time, playing, running, and exploring like any other kitty.

The crew of Little Wanderers NYC added:

“In a severe accident at a hoarder’s house, Etienne lost part of his leg. With this damage, he must have been in his sixth life. He suffered a total limb amputation and is doing fine thanks to the excellent personnel at Animal Medical Center.”

With a loving home, a mother who looks after his needs, and a dog companion to play and fight with, the three-legged kitten receives a new lease on life. He’ll never have to worry about food or safety again.

He may now run silently around his house’s halls while receiving loads of affection and cuddles.