Тhese Кittens Тake Сare Оf Еach Оther Вecoming Inseparable

Harper and Hayden are two adorable rescue kittens in need of some tender loving care. The kittens were transported from Maryland’s Prince George’s County (United States). Lauren Strycula, a volunteer with the Arlington Animal Welfare League, was called to greet the children.

She was astounded to witness the relationship between the small kitties when she returned home with them. They would start crying if they were apart for even a brief period until they were reunited.

“The Kitten College program, of which I am a member, helps other shelters and organizations throughout Virginia, as well as those in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and West Virginia.” I took up Harper (female tabby) and Hayden (male white with silver stripes) from the shelter when they were eight days old.”

The little cats were moving closer and closer to each other. Harper sucked on the formula bottle when it came time to feed, leading Hayden to emulate her sister. The kittens curled up in an embrace after they finished eating.

Lauren explains:

“They like to coil up and fall asleep on top of one other.”

As the days pass, each feline’s individuality emerges, and despite their close bond, they each have their own distinct hobbies.

Lauren continued, ”

“Harper has the loveliest demeanor and enjoys cuddling up against his neck or on his lap. She appears to be a really cheerful girl who is always smiling.

Lauren’s thoughts:

“Hayden is transforming into a flamboyant white tiger who enjoys snuggling up in plush, cozy blankets. He’s a big eater, and nothing makes him happier than sipping his formula and rubbing his pink tummy!”

The kittens look after each other and get stronger every day; they adore snuggling and purring in unison while napping. They’ve gone a great way in a short amount of time and are now incredibly lively and clever.

Lauren continued, ”

“Rolling onto their backs and licking their ears is their major game.” But it’s just a matter of time before they’re racing about the house and getting up to mischief.”

The small kitties have come a long way, and they are now traveling and exploring everything around them. These cats are always looking for themselves. They are nurtured and at ease in their new surroundings.

Lauren continues:

“I’ve only ever seen a few of kittens bond this young, and I’m looking forward to seeing their relationship develop even stronger as they get older.”

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