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Marcy’s family moved away and left her behind after they were evicted last summer, leaving her to fend for herself outside. She took refuge in an old cardboard box in a neighbor’s yard for several months, until someone realized they couldn’t let her live like this any longer in December.

When Rebecca McGinn went to see her brother for her niece’s birthday, he informed her about a cat that had been residing in his yard. She walked outdoors to see whether Marcy would allow her approach her — and fell in love right away.

McGinn knew she was taking Marcy home the moment she spotted her, sick and homeless.

“I chose to adopt her since she was shivering and had sore eyes inside a wet cardboard box,” McGinn told us. “She came up for petting as soon as she spotted me and was very nice and friendly.”

Marcy was in bad shape when McGinn initially brought her in, and after being examined by a veterinarian, it was discovered that she had eye problems, worms, pneumonia, a lung infection, and skin problems that were causing her hair to fall out in clumps. Marcy’s path to recovery was expected to be lengthy, but McGinn was eager to welcome her home and show her what it was like to have a lovely, warm place to snuggle up with a family who cared.

McGinn stated, “She settled down instantly and cuddled up and slept for days.”

Marcy was overjoyed to finally have soft, comfortable places to snuggle up after everything she had gone through, and she is now hooked to all things snuggly.

“The thing she enjoys the most is being snuggled up with me and my spouse,” McGinn added. “She is completely enamored by blankets and people.” She enjoys being snuggled in and hidden. She spends 99 percent of her time on or on a nice blanket!”

Whether it’s pillows …

… blankets …

Marcy is a master at finding warm places to sleep, whether it’s with one of her new people or not, and she has no intentions to stop anytime soon.

Marcy is completely enamored with her new existence, and despite everything she’s gone through, she is incredibly caring and trustworthy. She may have had a difficult past, but now that she’s found the finest new family, she’ll be happy and comfortable for the rest of her life.

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