Stray Сat Мoves Into Сhurch Аnd Нumbly Аccepts Тhe Worshippers Рraise

Junior is a gorgeous stray cat that showed up at this Brazilian church a few months ago and chose not to leave.

Obviously, this kitten thinks of himself as a big deal.

Junior has elected to make his home at the So Sebastio Parish in the town of Atibaia, despite the fact that no one knows where he comes from. It was a noble gesture on the kitty’s behalf.

Junior, you see, appears to believe that people who are graced with his wonderful cat presence are nothing short of blessed.

Here’s a snapshot of Junior “donating” himself to the church’s collection basket to emphasize the point:

It’s difficult to blame Junior for his exaggerated sense of self-worth.

All he knows is that once he arrived at the church, hordes of believers began regularly filling the seats, shouting praises and exaltations that must be intended at him, right?

The cat, graciously, never fails to provide his devotees with what they desire.

“He constantly attends mass,” the parish of So Sebastio stated.

Junior is known to wander the aisles during services or, if he’s feeling exceptionally kind, to pick one lucky person’s lap to rest on.

Junior, on the other hand, decided to relax his modesty a little and put himself in the spotlight.

Despite the fact that the priest’s lecture was unmistakably about Junior’s greatness, he managed to keep his calm.

Junior may be misinformed about what “his” supporters are truly there for, but their devotion to him is more than just lip service.

Junior has been looked for by the church’s pastor, Osvaldo Boracini, since the day he came. And, while the cat may not be the small divinity he imagines himself to be, the love he inspires has given the chapel a wonderful air.

People outside the church have taken note as well.

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