101-Yeаr-Old Ladу Adoрts Oldеst Cat In The Shеlter: Theу’ll Matсh In Heаven

If you think it’s harder for old shelter pets to find their new homes, we’re afraid you are wrong. While people often prefer adorable small companions, there are always situations that make them end up with exceptional choices.

Once this family went to a pet shelter, they decided to adopt the oldest cat, 19-year-old Gus. You may ask for the reason… But actually, the cat was adopted by the oldest lady of the family, Mrs. Penny, who celebrated her 101st birthday early this year.

The story started a month before Gus was adopted. At that time, he first arrived at the Humane Society of Catawba County because his former owner couldn’t afford to raise him any longer. Upon his arrival at the shelter, Gus received the love of the staff.

Because of his situation, people were concerned that it might take a long time for him to find a new owner. However, it came to their surprise that he was taken just a few weeks after he was presented for adoption. Her new mom, lady Penny, had unfortunately lost her beloved cat, so she was looking for an old companion. The two met each other like it was a destiny to happen.

To Penny, Gus was a perfect match for everything she needed at that time. They clicked almost instantly, and the adorable cat didn’t take long to get used to the new home. Gus is now living happily with his forever family and his new mom. He loves to watch squirrels and stay beside Penny.

Older pets often have a harder time finding their new families, but for Gus this elderly kitty, he is lucky enough to find a new companion very soon. We’re happy for Gus and Penny! Please follow Humane Society of Catawba County on Instagram or Facebook to update more news about Gus and his owner.

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