Нairless Сat Who Was Вorn Sick Works Аt А Vet Сlinic Now

Raisin is a one-and-a-half-year-old Sphynx cat from Gainesville, Florida, who was born to a breeder. She was born with congenital eye problems and was relinquished to Helping Hands Pet Rescue as a kitten as a result.

Raisin had a terrible eye ulcer when she arrived to the shelter, something she is prone to owing to her eye troubles, and employees were worried the adorable little cat might lose her eye. To ensure she received the best possible care, a local vet student who helped with the group took on the role of foster mother and kept a close watch on her as she underwent treatment for her eye.

Raisin was fortunate to maintain her eye and survive the trauma with very little damage thanks to the vet student’s diligence, but the rescue team was aware that she may potentially develop ulcers and other eye problems in the future. She needed a unique sort of someone to look after her full-time, and she quickly found the right parent for the job.

Raisin currently resides with Ruth Heffernan, a vet tech at the Animal Medical Clinic of Gulf Gate in Sarasota, Florida, who is Raisin’s new mother. Raisin not only has the right partner to ensure her health and happiness, but she also has the perfect career working alongside her mother at the clinic, due to Heffernan.

Raisin enjoys coming to work with her mother every day, and she is dedicated to her career. She enjoys aiding the staff with their daily chores, wandering about the clinic and monitoring it in general, and, of course, seeing all of the patients who come in for treatment.

“Raisin enjoys working at the clinic because she enjoys meeting new people,” Heffernan added. “She is a dog lover. The more breeds there are, the better. She likes going into the exam room to meet customers and patients, and we always make sure the animal is friendly to cats and other animals. When we’re between sessions, we let her go about the clinic, and she has her own exam room to relax in, complete with lots of boxes and comfy bedding.”

Raisin is a brave, sociable little cat who enjoys consoling all of the animals who come in and making their journey to the vet a bit less stressful.

Raisin has a few favorite patients, including a blind pit bull who visits regularly, but she enjoys meeting new people and being present when dogs wake up following various surgeries.

“She enjoys returning to our prep/surgery room and being present while dogs are recovering from surgery.” Heffernan remarked. “As they wake up, she adores snuggling with them.”

Raisin began her life as an unloved cat who was thought to be too strange, but she’s now found the right home where she can serve and inspire people every day.

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