Someоne Writеs Lettеr To Thеir ‘Unfriendlу’ Cаt Eхposing Her Swеet Sidе To The Whоle Internet

We love our cats! They become our best friends – keeping us company on the couch, playing some hunting games, keeping our feet warm on chilly nights. They know that we appreciate them, and although they act a bit aloof sometimes, they appreciate us too.

Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to express your feelings when it comes to your cat. Give them too many treats, they’ll get fat. Let them free to do whatever they want, they’ll disappear for days at a time.

So beyond a good cuddle, our cat feelings go largely unsaid. Not anymore! Reddit user skeletoorr decided to write an open letter to their ‘sly’ cat called Audrey, and it went crazy viral for its sweet and simple message.





Lovely, isn’t it? What would you say in a letter to your cat? Does your cat have unique and sometimes weird habits like Audrey? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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