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A Cаt With “Dreаdloсks” Losеs 2 Pоunds Of Mаster Fur After Bеing Negleсted

A terrible hair day may happen to anybody, but for a cat named Hidey, the bad hair day continued for years. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a neglected cat with severely matted fur that resembled ‘dreadlocks’ was rescued. She was discovered with a severe case of matting.

The matted hairs were 6 to 8 inches long and included a mixture of excrement and knotted hair. She couldn’t move or walk about since she was so exhausted. But now she has the opportunity to be happy and comfortable once more.

Hidey was transferred to the Western Society Human Society Animal Rescue Association and the Wildlife Shelter after it was discovered she was hiding in the basement. It took hours to remove all the hairs on her body.

Hidey is settling in to her new surroundings. Hidey feels so much better now that her matted hair and dreadlocks are gone. She will be looked after by a distant cousin of her previous owner and will have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life.




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