Beаutiful Twо-Leggеd Kittеn Hoрs Her Wаy into Fаmilу’s Hеart

At only two weeks old, a tabby kitten was taken to a clinic in Florida with severe injuries, sadly both her front legs were mangled.

It was uncertain how this accident had happened, but this little kitten had a strong will and was determined to survive.

Scroll down to meet Duck the tabby cat and discover her story.

“She was brought into my sister’s clinic… thankfully, they have an amazing surgeon that wanted to save her and performed a double amputation,” Duck’s human explained on Instagram. “We think maybe (she was) trying to stay warm in the engine bay of a car.”

The surgery went well and when duck was strong enough it was time to look for a foster home, somewhere where she would be well looked after and given the opportunity to recuperate at her own pace.

“I took her in (as a foster) and she acclimated to her new life quickly,” Duck’s human wrote. “It didn’t take her long at all to adapt and start walking all around the house on her own.”

“It was pretty much a foster fail immediately, after seeing all of her willpower and perseverance coming from such a small, tough little kitten I fell in love. She never lets anything slow her down.”

This little kitten hopped her way into her foster family’s heart and became a permanent member of this lively family which includes three dogs, another kitty and six hens.

It wasn’t long before she figured out how to get around on just her hind legs, and stand upright using her tail for balance. This look made her look a bit like a T-Rex, which gave her the nickname Purrasic Duck.

Duck is a happy cat and spends a lot of her time exploring the house, getting to know every nook and cranny. At first, they had bought her some wheels and a harness to help her get around more easily but she really didn’t take to it and prefers to get about on her own two legs.

Now at six months old, her family believe that Duck is the fastest two-legged kitten ever!

Even though the dogs of the house are much bigger than she is, Duck spends a lot of time following them about learning new tricks from them. Because of this, she now thinks that she’s part dog.

Duck never ceases to amaze people with her strength and resolution and is an inspiration to everyone she meets.

This beautiful tabby cat brings joy to her forever family and it’s a beautiful thing to see how well she gets on with all her siblings – including the hens!

Way to go Purrasic Duck!

You can see more of Duck and her family on Instagram

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