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Cаt Put On a Driр Aftеr Eхtrеme Exhаustion from Mаting with 5 Femalеs In 1 Night

When having fun, one should know one’s limits. Never go all out if your body can’t handle it!

Well, for us humans, it might be easy, but if you are a house cat that is un-neutered and suddenly you are surrounded by a lot of females, it’s hard to hold yourself back.

A Russian Blue cat in China named Xiaopi, went to town with at least five females in one night after he was left at a cat hotel by the owner. He was so drained at the end that he had to be hooked up to a glucose drip.

Xiaopi’s owner, Mr Zhao did not blame his cat for the incident, but he questioned the staff of the cat hotel for letting his cat roam freely around the hotel especially at night when cats are most active. Mr Zhao elaborated, as quoted by LADBible,

“Between around 10.40pm and 5am, my cate mated with five female cats! And those are the ones I could see in the CCTV footage. And the pet hotel had the nerve to be upset with me, saying some of the cat owners weren’t planning on having kittens. They wanted me to explain the situation to all the other owners. My cat is now exhausted and on glucose drip – and this is my fault?”

It was revealed that the cat hotel later apologised to him, even offering to pay for the drip and also provide compensation to the other owners if their cats get pregnant.

It might be one of the best nights of Xiaopi’s life, but like people always say, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. So let’s take this as a reminder for all of us, don’t party too hard ya?

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