Hilariоus Cаt Steаls The Sрotlight At Orсhestra Conсert

We all know that cats love to be the center of attention, but hey, who could blame them though? It’s us humans who should take the blame here! These creatures are just too cute to resist and anywhere they go, we just couldn’t help noticing and adoring and giving them all the attention that they absolutely deserve.

If you wonder how far cats could go for attention, this video is right up your street. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for miss Steal-The-Show! For your information, she (because calico cats are almost always female so let’s assume this is a “she”) has gone viral after appearing out of nowhere and making herself the star of a performance by the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra in Istanbul, Turkey.

Before the show officially starts, this bold cat wanders onto the stage and immediately gains her very first fan – a blonde cellist.

And thanks to her hilarious act with the hem of the cellist’s dress, the girl rapidly wins the heart of the whole audience – everyone bursts out laughing and then applauds cheerfully.

Her own show quickly goes on as the unexpected guest continues to approach other musicians on the stage. This time, she chooses the violinists, who seem to be very happy to have such an amusing buddy around.

One of them does try to catch the cat, but she makes it very clear that she wants to stay on the stage and hang out with these hoomans.

And, if that isn’t enough, right when the musical performance is about to begin, the furry audience hops onto the podium to stand with the conductor, who is kind enough to ask if anybody is allergic to cats. But obviously no one finds her appearance disturbing at all.

Their performance starts as usual, and our funny girl turns out to be such a great listener. She insists on not leaving the stage to enjoy their music.

Watch her outstanding show here:

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