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Loуal Cаt Wаits for Dеad Ownеr to Rеturn Desрite Веing Severelу Injurеd in Firе

It is a popular opinion that dogs are more affectionate than cats as dogs are often known for their strong attachment to humans while cats are more aloof and sombong. Well, this may not be entirely true as cats too can be loyal to their owners, as proven by this case.

Recently, a man from China died when his home was destroyed due to a gas explosion. The 27-year-old man had jumped off the building after his seventh-floor apartment in Changgang Village, Nanning exploded, which also injured 16 other people.

While authorities are investigating if the man had actually been killed in the explosion, his house remains empty.

However, four days after the accident, the man’s cat was seen sitting on the balcony of the apartment, supposedly waiting for its owner to return. The cat was severely hurt by the explosion but still refused to leave the area. Aww…

Citizens captured several photos of the heartbroken cat blankly staring at the empty apartment and shared them on Chinese social media which were then widely shared by netizens.

Moved by the heartbreaking scene, several volunteers reportedly took the cat to a local animal shelter called Nanning Stray Cats to be treated.

They renamed the cat “Enong” and posted on social media that the cat had received many burns on its nose and four limbs, reported MailOnline.

The veterinarian also said that the cat had suffered severe dehydration and lung infection from inhaling too much smoke during the accident.

Enong’s temporary shelter hopes to find it a new home after it gets well again.

Aww the poor kitty. We hope it finds a new home soon so that it wouldn’t have to mourn for its previous owner any longer.

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