Рregnаnt Womаn And Cаt Give Вirth At The Sаme Time Aftеr She Fоund The Pregnаnt Cat And Fostеred Her

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, especially when you get to share that experience. Lauren Maners is a woman who is always there to help animals in need. She helps out in shelters and fosters pets until they find their forever home. However, when Lauren got pregnant, she decided she would take a break. That was until she and her husband found Dove, an adorable white cat.

They found Dove in a parking lot, wounded, alone and pregnant. Without a second thought, Lauren took her in and fostered her. The two bonded together and became great friends. After visits to the vet, they found out that Dove’s babies were ok and she would give birth around the same time as Lauren. And that’s exactly what happened. After Lauren returned home with her baby daughter Kylie, they found Dove had given birth to six adorable kittens.

When Lauren and her husband found out about their baby daughter, they were so happy

Lauren said she and her husband were very excited to welcome their new baby into the world, however, Laurens’s pregnancy was not easy: “I had a difficult pregnancy I suffered from extreme sickness and ended up having to be induced due to complications. Plus having a baby in the peak of Covid.”

Lauren is quite the influencer on her social media. She documents her life fully: from the beginning of her relationship with her husband Kainan Maners, to their marriage, to their pregnancy, and finally to when their daughter Kylie was born. It’s really sweet and fun to see such a happy and exciting family living their lives.

Lauren always helps out animals in need, but when she was at the end of her pregnancy, she decided to take a break from shelter work and fostering


That was until she met Dove, wounded and alone in a parking lot

Lauren tells us more about how she found Dove and why she decided to foster her: “I and my husband found Dove extremely skinny and injured on the side of the road. I attempted to find her owners and then was informed that she was a stray and had been eating out of a dumpster of a nearby cafe for over a year. All of our no-kill shelters were full and I couldn’t just leave her knowing that she was going to have to take care of her babies in the wild.”

Lauren is the perfect example of a love for animals. Even though she was pregnant and close to her due date, Lauren still took Dove into her home and gave her all the love and comfort she needed. In return, she got the same back. Their bond was so amazing. They didn’t leave each others side. That’s what a motherly connection does.

Lauren saw that on top of being wounded, Dove was also pregnant. She knew she couldn’t leave the cat there, so Lauren decided to foster her

“Had an exclusive Pregnant Girls Club meeting with my newest rescue, Dove. Does anyone want to guess who’s going to pop first?” asked Lauren posing with Dove on her Instagram post. After the post, Lauren’s and Dove’s story went viral. With lots of media coverage. People just couldn’t believe how adorable the duo are and that they gave birth the same day!

Lauren and Dove bonded immediately and supported each other during their pregnancies, spending almost all their moments together

“I and Dove had an instant bond. It was like she also knew that I was pregnant and that I was a friend. She was not instantly trusting of my husband the way she was of me.”


Soon Lauren gave birth to a little baby girl



When they returned home, they saw that Dove had given birth to her kittens as well. It could be possible they gave birth at the same time

“I am not certain that we have birth on the exact same day I just know that when I returned from the hospital with my baby – Dove had also given birth while I was gone. Now Dove and her babies are all doing great. They all got properly vetted and rehomed and are all living spoiled indoor lives.”

We hope this story inspires you to help out an animal in need. Perhaps go adopt one or volunteer at a shelter. You can always donate some money to a nearby vet clinic or shelter, they need help all the time. And if you’re thinking of getting a pet, please consider adoption! There are a lot of amazing pets out there just waiting to give you all the love you will ever need.

All the kittens were born healthy and happy and spent many months with the family. They really loved spending time with Lauren’s baby Kylie


Lauren tells us more about herself: “I have been vegan for over 5 years and so animals have always been very important to me. I feel extremely connected with all living beings on this earth and I feel like it’s important to be their voices. I feel like animals are capable of much more emotional depth than most humans give them credit for. So I knew that I had to bring dove in and give her a safe place to have her babies without having to worry and fight for their survival. I related to that being pregnant and about to have my own child.”

Lauren made sure that Dove and her kittens found amazing and loving new homes


Dove now lives with Lauren’s friend and the kittens are not far away either, so the family can visit them whenever they want

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