Aftеr Рeoрle Wеnt Сrаzу Ovеr This 26lb Chonkу Cаt, He Finаllу Gets Adoрted

The internet is probably the best thing that has happened to cats since wet food was invented. Once again, it proved that cats are amazing and deserve a loving home no matter how they look. Last month, animal shelter Morris Animal Refuge located in Philadelphia challenged the internet’s love for cats by introducing a rare unit – Mr. B, a cat who weighs a hefty 26 pounds. And while it’s quite reasonable to think that this cat may struggle to find a home due to its massive size, people refused to accept it.

Last month this per shelter went viral for introducing the chonky cat who is looking for forever home

Instead, they bombarded the shelter with so many requests to adopt the ‘jumbo-sized package of fluff and love’ that their website crashed.


It’s hard to say if the shelter expected that sort of attention, but it was well deserved. The tweet introducing Mr. B. stirred waves across the internet instantly and gathered 14.5k retweets and over 50k likes. No one should underestimate people’s love for chonks!

After careful consideration, Morris Animal Refuge picked a new home for the two-year-old big boy.

The shelter received so many adoption requests that their website crashed


However, if you thought that Mr. B’s internet fame is over, think again. The new owner knows how quickly people fell in love with the chonky cat and they are not planning to keep him away from dedicated fans.

The big boy Mr. B. was welcomed to his new home!

They have created an Instagram account allowing everyone to feast their eyes on the majestic feline.


“We saw this Instagram photo four hours after it was posted (this is actually the very screenshot I took when I saw him, and we agreed instantly we loved BeeJay already). Here’s to sharing Mr. B’s story (keeping his name and still calling him BeeJay, too!) We’ve got a long way to go and plenty to share (he’s doing great, btw!)” wrote the new owners.

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