Persоn Wаnts To Find Out Hоw Nаrrow A Gaр Can Cаts Squеeze Thrоugh, Conduсts This Hilаrious Eхperiment

Science is in our veins and we, as human beings, can’t help but come up with wacky experiments to test the limits of the world that surrounds us. And what experiments are better than fun ones done with adorable cats?

The owner of the adorable cat duo Maru and Hana recently tested the limits of how narrow a gap cats can get through. The hypothesis was simple in essence: if the head fits, the body should also fit through. Naturally, we’re great supporters of cat science experiments that involve showing off how cute and awesome they are.

The adorable science experiment is all about seeing how narrow a gap cats can squeeze through

Maru and Hana are incredibly popular cats! On Instagram alone, the fluffy pair have more than 273,000 followers. A massive 467,800 people watched the cat experiment video on YouTube, which just goes to show how incredibly popular the idea of cat science really is.

Maru and Hana dutifully participated in the study for the sake of feline-kind


Some gaps were easy to pass…







…while others were a bit difficult for the cattos






Maru and Hana have captured many an internet user’s heart





It seems like 5 centimeters is too narrow a space for cats to get through. Though, perhaps a slimmer feline than Maru and Hana could manage it? Either way, this experiment brought a smile to our faces, and we’ll be telling all of our friends about it for days to come.

Vetstreet explains the reason why cats are able to squeeze through incredibly narrow spaces: they don’t have a rigid collarbone, which would otherwise stop them from getting into nooks and crannies.

Cats use their whiskers, which are often as wide as their bodies, to check whether they’ll fit somewhere. However, a feline’s whiskers don’t grow longer even if it turns into a mega chonker, that’s why sometimes it gets stuck. Cats basically sometimes don’t realize that they’re a bit too big boned (i.e. they’ve been snacking on too many fish crackers) to fit somewhere.

Dear Pandas, what do you think of this feline experiment? Do you think your cat could squeeze through a smaller gap? Do you believe cats have actual magical powers that allow them to warp the space-time continuum and teleport across narrow openings? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below because we can’t wait to hear from you!

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