Cаt Saуs “Wеll, Нi” In A Southеrn Аcсent And Peoрle Keeр Watсhing It Ovеr And Ovеr Agаin

Life with cats is full of surprises. One moment they’re making you their slave, the next they’re bathing you in purrs and affection. However, an 8-year-old tabby called Gambino Bambino has just found a new way to amaze its owner.

When they were taking what seemed to be just another video of the feline, Gambino ran across the room, hiding in a corner. Not to be outdone, its human went after it. A few seconds later, they caught up to the little critter. It raised its head and somehow meowed a “Well, Hi!” in a Southern accent. And proceeded to nonchalantly groom itself.




Listen to Gambino speak in the video below

The clip was uploaded to TikTok where it already has over 1.4 million likes and 10.4K comments, with people trying to figure out what the kitty is going to say next. “How you doin’?”












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