Littlеst Kittеn Evеr Grоws Uр Tо Вe A Мini Cаt

Ellen is a foster mother for kittens and has a reputation at the shelter for dealing with the super-complicated cases.

So one day she got a call asking if she would take on a tiny three week old kitten. He wasn’t gaining any weight and they weren’t sure what to do with him.

As soon as Ellen saw his picture that was it, she was smitten. She knew she was the right person to help this tiny kitten get back on track.

When he arrived she couldn’t believe her eyes, this tiny kitten was already three weeks old and he was only just the size of a newborn.

Ellen knew that this little kitty was special. “You’re special,” she said. “We’re gonna make you an amazing cat!”

She gave him round the clock care and before long the cat within started to emerge. He already wanted to hang out with the big cats, despite his size.

She named him Francis and he soon got used to his name, the house and the other cats.

He wanted to be just be like them and Ellen thought that he probably didn’t even realize that he was so tiny.

The progress that Francis made in such a short space of time is nothing short of incredible.

Watch the video to see how he got on:

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