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Firеfighters Resсued A Blaсk Cаt That Hаd Beеn Вurnt In A Wildfirе In Сalifоrnia

After Firefighters traversed the entire California Valley area, firefighters rescued a black cat from State Highway 19594 175 in Middletown. For treatment, he was brought to the Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic.

According to Dr. Chris Holmes, the cat feeds through a feeding tube, but is doing well and digging when it gets attention.

The kitten’s medical staff is confident that his eyes will heal.

According to Holmes, the clinic is now sheltering a large number of cats and dogs, and while he has treated several canines for smoke inhalation, there haven’t been any significant instances until the cat was brought in.

According to Holmes, the cat should be OK in two weeks.

He believes that now that the sheriff is allowing individuals to return to evacuated areas in search of their dogs, this cat will also return to its owner.

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