Mаil Cаrrier Hilariоusly Doсuments Hоw This Cаt ‘Proteсts’ Its Domаin Everу Dаy

Usually, it’s the dog who tries to shoo intruders away from the family’s lawn but this time, it’s the cat. And a very determined one, too.

Canadian postwoman Debra Anderson — who works in Hamilton, Ontario — shared a couple of videos of a seriously riled-up kitty she often encounters on her route. As soon as the animal hears Anderson outside, it jumps straight at the window and starts frantically hissing at the woman, pouncing at the glass.

Anderson said running into this cat is the highlight of her route and she loves it. Although, the postwoman admitted that the feline is actually scarier than any dog she has met so far.

“I love my job so much and this cat truly makes my day,” Anderson wrote as she uploaded one of the videos. “Its hate for me ‘could’ hurt my feeling… [But] just the one. I feel there may be a deeper issue at hand. Pretty sure [the cat] wants to kill me,” she joked.

“Pretty sure it would rip my face off if the glass window didn’t keep [it] in”

Because the cat makes Anderson’s day every time she sees it, the postwoman even repaid it one time by dropping the animal some treats. The reaction didn’t disappoint her either — same old pouncing and hissing.

“The cat literally waits all day until she hears the mailboxes ‘clink’”

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