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Dоg Sаved And Nursеd Orрhaned Kittеn As Hеr Own Puр

We all know there are plenty of stereotypes about dogs and cats, but actually they don’t really hate each other as we think they might do. In fact, dogs and cats can be friends, best friends, or even each other’s fairy godmother.

The small Shih Tzu in this story is one of the bravest and most kind-hearted dogs you’ll ever see in this world. She spotted a kitten trapped in a deep ravine, went all the way down there to save her and even started producing milk to nurse the feline (which they call “pseudopregnancy” – a phenomenon causing symptoms of pregnancy that occurs in mammals). It’s always amazing how far a mom can go for her kid, even if the kid is not her birth child.

The dog refused to leave the tiny baby even though she was totally able to escape on her own. It’s not until people nearby heard the dog barking for help and informed Anderson County Animal Control that the unlikely duo was rescued by officer Michelle Smith. According to Smith, she rarely saw interspecies friendships like that and it was also her very first time witnessing a dog nursing a cat in 17 years of her career.


The lovely duo later was taken to the Anderson County P.A.W.S., South Carolina, where they were named Goldie and Kate. And even after arriving at the shelter, the two were still inseparable.


Goldie’s milk helped keep Kate alive but it surely wasn’t enough, they still had to bottle feed the kitten to make sure she could grow up strongly and healthily just like any other cat out there – which she clearly did. Let’s check out this unique maternal bond:

Goldie and Kate later were adopted together (of course, who had the heart to separate these cuties?) by a kind couple who wrote a truly touching letter explaining how much Goldie and Kate reminded them of their late dog and cat, who just crossed the Rainbow Bridge just a while ago. It’s safe to say that they were in good hands.

As time goes by, the two are still so close to each other as they used to be when they first met. Aren’t these girls wonderful?

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