Mаn Trуing To Wоrk Frоm Hоme Gеts Constаntly Interruрted By His Cаt, Triсks It Intо Bеing Cаlm By Plaсing A Boх On His Dеsk

If you have a cat in your house, you know the situation all too well—as soon as you sit down comfortably to get some work done on your computer or notebook, in almost no time your cat comes to seize it. Somehow, the most comfortable position for your cat to nap in is the one which causes the most inconvenience to you—it’s a proven scientific fact (it’s actually not, but I have concluded this after conducting my own empirical research).

Japanese DJ and producer DJ Komori is also very familiar with the struggle, so he came up with quite an ingenious solution. The idea soon went viral on Twitter, counting more than 318k likes and 100k retweets already.

This is Kakka – an adorable British Shorthair that loves taking naps on a desk, just like any other cat

Like many of us at the moment, Komori is working from home. The Japanese DJ and producer is the proud owner of a cute feline called Kakka—a British Shorthair who loves getting on his owner’s desk when he’s working. Naturally, Kakka makes it a bit harder for Komori to do his job, so he knew that he had to come up with something inventive. And he finally did! “If you are having trouble with working remotely because of a cat, you can solve it by providing a convenient storage box on the desk,” Komori wrote on Twitter upon sharing the video where he puts this solution into practice.

Especially so, if his owner has to work on the computer


Which makes it hard for him to do his daily tasks


So, he came up with a genius solution


Since we all know how much cats love boxes, he placed one on his desk

Komori simply placed a small plastic box on his desk. After a short sniffing session, Kakka got himself into the box and his owner gently slid him to the side of his computer screen. “You can also move it to the corner of the desk with it stored,” the caption below the second video that Komori shared, read. “In this way, you can use the desk spaciously.” The ingenious solution not only makes Komori’s workday a bit easier since Kakka isn’t trying to seize the desk, but it’s also fun for the cat who, like all cats, is known for being an avid lover of boxes.

Making it a win-win situation for both of them


Now, Kakka can enjoy two of his favorite activities at once—napping on the desk AND in a box


While his owner can continue working peacefully

Komori was very happy that his idea went viral on Twitter. “I am glad that so many people found [it] effective,” he later wrote. He probably did not expect his tweet to blow up as it did, but after witnessing success on Twitter, he made a YouTube account dedicated solely to Kakka. So, why not give this adorable British Shorthair a follow?

After witnessing success on Twitter, DJ Komori set up a YouTube account for Kakka


In which you can see this little rascal getting into all sorts of trouble

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