Ownеr Wаs Surрrised By A Lаte-Night Doоrbell, Тurns Out It Wаs Her Cаt

Does a cat named Winston ring a bell to you? After this story, it will. Just as Winston rung a bell for his owners—quite literally. Winston loves to stroll around his neighborhood in Sitka, Alaska, and when he got tired of doing that, he decided to head home. Just as it happened, the doors were locked and the windows were shut. So Winston decided to ring the doorbell.

Jamie Dunn, an ambulance worker, was surprised by the doorbell ringing at such a late hour. Who could that be? As Jamie looked through the peephole in the door, she saw her cat Winston patiently waiting by the door! She let him in. It was all caught on her door camera that she installed, and she shared the awesome proof her cat’s ingenuity on Facebook, which has in turn been shared all over social media and other media outlets. The owner has been nice and shared some more information and exclusive photos about their smart little Winston with us. You can read it and see it below.

“Winston is about 2 years old. We were set to be fostering him and he ended up staying in the family. He acts like a teenage boy, constantly going in and out of the house, and only likes being held and petted on his own terms. He does come in and out of the house as I respond to calls during the day and night for the ambulance.”





“Winston, I’m coming to get ya!”


Here’s the video:




Jamie Dunn on the right

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