The Cаt Thаt Mаde a Мetrо Statiоn Her Ноme

This chilled calico kitty doesn’t have a name, but she is called the Taksim Metro Station Cat after the place she calls home.

This colorful kitty has made the station and escalators her home for more than three years.

She spends most of her time in Istanbul’s Taksim Metro, usually at the top of the escalator and as you can see she’s pretty much at home.

She also loves to travel using the moving walkway, it’s a fun ride so whenever she’s feeling bored or gets the urge to move around she hops on.

She loves it when the commuters want to take a photo, she’s very photogenic and is even known to strike a pose every now and then.


She doesn’t go hungry, there is always someone there to attend to her needs.

She has plenty of comfy places to take a nap…

Even if it means getting in the way of the commuters!

Istanbul is full of street cats and most of them are well looked after by the locals, they aren’t pets but they aren’t feral either, the community looks out for them, they even take them to the vets when the need arises.

Watch the video to see how much this adorable kitty feels at home:

Cats are an essential part of Istanbul, it wouldn’t be the same without them. Keep it up the people of Istanbul!

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