А Рhotographer Сaptures Images Оf Сats Аnd Рeople Who Аppear Тo Вe Еxact Duplicates (17 Рics)

You might mistakenly believe that a person and an animal share the same soul if they appear identically at times. As part of his most recent project, animal photographer Gerrard Gethings has paired people with cats who look just like them. The resemblance is uncanny and the portraits are magical.

The hair, the appearance, and the colors have all been chosen to reflect the same enthusiasm. And Gethings has done a fantastic job with it. While it would be ideal if the individuals in the photos were the cats’ owners, that is not the case. They’re really models who were chosen to look like the cats in the photos. The casting process was lengthy, but the end result was well worth the effort!

“Previously, I had created a series of works centered on individuals that resemble dogs. It was warmly appreciated, and I wanted another project that I believed would be just as fascinating, if not more so. Cats appeared to be the most accessible option, but they are far more difficult to shoot than dogs,” Gethings explained in an interview with Bored Panda. Continue reading to discover more about the photographer’s project and the obstacles that shooting cats presents.”


#1 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#2 Gunther And Albert (Exotic Longhair)


#3 Marielle And Jacques (Silver Maine Coon)


#4 Nancy And Buttons (Scottish Fold)


#5 Matthew And Hubert (Abyssinian)


#6 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#7 Dominic And Merlin (Blue Tabby Maine Coon)


#8 Tobias And Hero (Moggy)


#9 Arlo And Buttercup (Cream Persian)


#10 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#11 Elisabeth, And Angelique (Khao Manee)


#12 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#13 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#14 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#15 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#16 Do You Look Like Your Cat


#17 Do You Look Like Your Cat


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