А Greek Сat Sanctuary Is Looking For А Сaretaker Тo Reside Оn Тhe Island Аnd Оversee 55 Аnimals

It turns out that, at least for cat lovers, fantasies do come true.

God’s Little People Cat Rescue announced earlier this week that it is recruiting a new caretaker to supervise its cat sanctuary and care for its few dozen kittens.

The job advertising appears regular enough until you realize that the sanctuary isn’t housed in a depressing brick facility with cages, but rather on the beautiful Greek island of Syros, where all the cats roam freely.

The job description read, “A very exceptional employment and living condition on offer on a tiny Greek island named Syros (a small paradise no less!) for a mature and truly enthusiastic cat lover who understands how to handle several cats and would enjoy their companionship.”

It goes on to say that they’re looking for someone who can “take over the daily administration of my Greek cat sanctuary while I’m away.” You’ll be responsible for 55 cats and must be able to keep track of them all while also feeding and medicating them.

You’ll get not only the affection of numerous cats, but also a fully paid, contemporary tiny house with its own yard and a view of the Aegean Sea, as well as a little pay with the work.

Furthermore, because the employment is only four hours each day, you’ll have plenty of time to explore.

Those interested in applying must also be able to drive a manual vehicle, as it is the only mode of transportation available on the island. Applicants must also be OK with numerous tourist visits throughout the summer months.

“We are located in a remote natural preserve that is peaceful and quiet in the winter but bustling in the summer.”

“You’ll definitely likely flourish best if you’re the sort of person who respects nature and enjoys serenity – and can relax in your own company,” according to the listing. “However, in the company of the cats, you’ll never feel lonely, and you’ll be obliged to live with a modest number of cats in your home.”

According to the job description, this position is best suited for those aged 45 and over who are “responsible, trustworthy, honest, practically inclined – and truly, with a heart of gold!”


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  1. Is this real or more of the disinformation pumped out by the media? Please identify yoursel and
    an email address. Yes it does sound like a hoax but I had an extra 5 minutes to ask.

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