4 Waуs to Keeр Cats Sаfe In the Wintеr

Cats need to be kept warm and cared for properly safe in the winter. This will keep your cat safe and disease-free.

Limited outside when the temperature is low

Being a thin-haired animal, protection in the winter will help it withstand the cold weather outside. Therefore, when the temperature drops too low, you should not take your pet out into the street. This will keep it safe in the winter and avoid catching a cold.

In case you have to go outside or you want your cat to exercise safely in the winter, you should buy warmer clothes. That way the cat will be safe in the winter.

If you let your cat outside, it is possible that these conditions will happen to your cat such as:

  • Tired, shaking, shivering.
  • Go into a coma.

In this situation, you need to take them to the veterinarian quickly. Before you go to the vet, you need to slowly re-warm your pet by wrapping him in a warm blanket, placing a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel around his belly to keep his body warm. Give them warm (not hot) water to help warm them up from the inside out. So be careful in winter so that cats are not in danger.

Create a safe indoor heat source for pets

In winter, the temperature is usually very low, so cats are susceptible to colds. Equip items to make the house more warm like:

  • Heating Pad
  • Heating Bed
  • Fan Heater
  • Heater Lamp

These are items to help keep the house warmer and safe in the winter. However, it is necessary to ensure the safety of cats to avoid direct contact with heat sources. Because if the pantry is close, the cat will get burned or possibly die.

However, before using it, you should learn about your cat’s cold tolerance. The heat source may be warm to us, but hot to cats. Let’s learn specifically and observe their expression to adjust and use safe in the winter.

Brushing keeps your pet warm

Grooming helps cats feel safe, warm, and secure in the winter. Limit shaving for them in the winter (if necessary, remember to buy more clothes for the cat to wear to keep warm), but still need to clean and bathe to maintain hygiene.

In particular, bathing your cat in the winter must pay attention to bathing in a place with warm temperatures and make sure the cat’s fur is completely dry so as not to catch cold. This step will help keep the cat safe and free from diseases.

Use extra clothes and shelters

Nowadays, cat-specific items have become very popular. These items both help keep cats warm and safe in the winter. It includes:

  • Cages, Carrying Bags
  • Drive, sleeping mattress
  • Clothes

These items are essential for cats and they help keep your cat safe. You will not have to worry about health, bad weather. It makes the cat warmer, not cold by the weather.

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