6 waуs to keeр cats sаfe outdоors

Most of them like to explore the great outdoors, and being outside can help cats get more exercise and the cats safe is not guaranteed.

Using choker

Collars can be helpful in identifying your cat, although they are often loose – or stuck when the cat explores or climbs. Every time you go outside, it keeps your cat safe.


When going out in bad weather, it will affect your cat safe. This is the cause of diseases that affect health as well as lead to a number of certificates later. Therefore, every time you go outdoors, you should prepare necessary items such as medicine, clothing or protective gear to keep your cat’s limbs warm.


Some cats will cope with wearing a harness – especially if they are used to it from a very early age – but most cats are free-roaming creatures that prefer to explore the environment at their own pace and choose areas that feel safe, and many cats will find wearing a harness stressful. Make sure your cat is comfortable wearing the harness before you head outside and watch them carefully for signs of stress.

Unlike dogs, cats will not learn to go the toilet while on a lead and will be unlikely to enjoy being taken for walks in a place where they feel unsafe.

Check your car 

Cats love to hide and sometimes this can include underneath parked cars. On a cold day, some cats have even been known to nestle in a warm car engine in search of a cozy spot.

Before you travel, check that there aren’t any cats under the car. If you skip this step, your cat will not survive.

Lightly tap the hood or slam the door while taking a quick look below.

After you’ve made a lot of noise, give any cats some time to run away before you start the engine.

Keeping cats away from hazards

You cannot anticipate the dangers outside and the dangers in the garden. That danger could be citrus peels (cats don’t like the smell), chicken manure and lion droppings.

You could also try materials that feel uncomfortable under their paws, such as egg shells, stone chippings and prickly plants (but make sure the plants are not poisonous).

If all of these methods fail, clap your hands loudly or aim a low-intensity water pistol near your cat when the stray too close to the hazard.


Summer is hot, so if it’s outside for just a minute, the cat’s skin will change color immediately. It is for the safety of your cat that you should take good care of it and keep an eye on it.

Exposure to the sun can cause a type of cancer. You should provide some protection for cats that enjoy sunbathing.

The best way to protect cats from sunburn is to keep them indoors during the hottest part of the day and provide shade for your garden.

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